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Your fitness equipment client just launched a virtual fitness app. They’re offering a pricing special for users who download their app in-store. Your client would like the website traffic directed to the mobile site, then have the mobile site traffic directed to the store for the special. What do you need to do in Campaign Manager 360 to split up your traffic to achieve that outcome?

  • Use mobile targeting to traffic two separate ads so that users can be directed accordingly.
  • Use audience targeting to include users who have already purchased equipment from the brand.
  • Use mobile targeting to include mobile app and mobile web ads to their campaign.
  • Use audience targeting to engage users looking for virtual fitness apps and who are close to a store location.
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You’d like to share video campaign metrics with your business partners. You plan to show them the number of times people stop their video ad and the number of times people restart their video ad. To meet this goal, which two rich media metrics from Campaign Manager 360 would you share?

  • You’d share video plays and video skips.
  • You’d share video pauses and video completions.
  • You’d share video completions and video replays.
  • You’d share video stops and video replays.
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You’ve created a video ad campaign for your automotive rental store business, but you only have the companion ads ready to serve. What should you do?

  • Remove the video ad placements while proceeding with the companion ads.
  • Delay both the video ads and companion ads in the campaign.
  • Cancel both the video ads and companion ads in the campaign.
  • Begin the campaign with the companion ads until the video ads are ready.
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Your home decor client wants to start running mobile ads within their current campaign. Some creatives are already mobile-optimized and may be already appearing across mobile websites. What’s the first thing they should check within their Campaign Manager 360 account to make sure of delivery?

  • They should examine their campaign trafficking settings in Campaign Manager 360 to see if their ads are mobile-friendly.
  • They should set up their campaign creatives in Campaign Manager 360 for mobile-friendly sizes and formats.
  • They should modify their existing desktop display campaign within Campaign Manager 360.
  • They should configure their account in Campaign Manager 360 to include mobile devices, tablets, and mobile apps.