Google Ads Apps Certification Exam Answers 2024 (New)

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Google Ads Apps Details:

  • Questions:  49 questions
  • Time: 75 minutes 
  • Passing score: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period:  1 day
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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Become a Google Ads Apps Certified Expert

This assessment tests your ability to create, optimize, and analyze Google App ad campaigns.

Download and follow our Google Ads Apps Certification Study Guide, when you take the exam. If you follow our study guidelines, you do not need to check your knowledge using Google’s practice tests in Google Skillshop. In our PDF answer sheet, you will find all the questions and answers.

You will receive a Google Ads Apps certification badge after completing the assessment and you can also download the certification in a PDF format.

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Some Updated Questions:

  • Match the type of business with the most relevant reason ‘why apps matter.’
  • What impact has machine learning made on the marketing industry?
  • For a Google App campaign optimizing to a tCPI of $2, what would be the recommended minimum budget?
  • Which components of a Google App campaign allow marketers to reach valuable users?
  • Which app type is the most downloaded on Google Play?
  • Which two things are essential for a Google App campaign to run smoothly and successfully? (Choose two.)
  • How do humans and machines work as an effective team when running Google App campaigns?
  • Why should marketers align with their app developer teams?
  • What’s a benefit to gathering data about events that happen in an app?
  • When creating a Google App campaign, what determines a campaign bidding strategy?
  • Why might a cosmetics company that traditionally sells products in stores promote their app?
  • What drives impact at scale for Google App campaigns?
  • What are the four types of ad assets available in Google App campaigns?
  • What are the two main marketer objectives for app promotion?
  • Which of the following roles does an app play in overall business strategy?
  • What is usually the last touch point at which you might influence a user’s decision to install your app?
  • What’s the advantage to identifying app users with high lifetime value in a Google App campaign?
  • How does asset variety help with reach?
  • What kind of positive impact will machine learning have on the advertising industry?
  • Why is conversion tracking critical for Google App campaigns?

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