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Scenario: A client is really interested in shifting all of their sales reporting from their old proprietary CRM to Sales Hub. However, one of their key reports is not yet re-creatable within HubSpot. You’re afraid that bringing this up will dampen the client’s enthusiasm and slow down the process of fully migrating to Sales Hub. What should you do?

  • Be honest and transparent about what your client can and cannot report on in HubSpot. If they cannot access critical data without any warning, they’re much more likely to churn and be unhappy with the tool. In the meantime, work with them to transfer the easily recreatable reports into HubSpot
  • Convince them that they don’t need this report, since their sales process is outdated
  • Promise them that HubSpot’s developers will specially build out this report for their portal in the future
  • None of the above

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