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How to Get Google Ads Certification: Step-by-Step Guideline

How to Get Google Ads Certification - Web Online Solution

Google Ads Certification is an essential accreditation for advertisers or marketers. Having a Google Ads Certification in your portfolio it recognizing yourself as a Digital Marketer. It validates your expertise and vouches for your skill set.

What is Google Ads Certification?

The Google Ads affirmation is an expert accreditation that Google offers to people who exhibit capability in fundamental and propelled parts of Google Ads. Google Ads accreditation is a procedure by which Google perceives advertisers as specialists in online advertising.

This well-ordered guide gives a walkthrough of how to get Ads certified in the Academy for Ads. Doing it for the first time, it can be a confusing process.

First Step: Select Your Any Google Account or Create a New Google Account

If you work for an organization or a company, you’re probably going to be required to utilize your work email address.

In case you’re an individual and doing the confirmation all alone, you’ll need to pick a Google account that you need to have your certification.

You can easily create a new Google account at

Second Step: Need to Join Academy for Ads

At the point when just signed into the Google account and go to the Academy for Ads – Google

Google Academy for Ads

Click on the “Start Now” button.

You’ll be given a required acknowledgment of authorizations and terms of administration.

When you navigate that, you’re given an alternative of sharing your Academy for Ads account with a company.

If you want to member your record with your Google Partners organization account, you can choose the “yes” choice. (See the following step below for more information.)

In case you’re not a Google Partner or aren’t affiliated with an organization, you can choose “no” and move past this progression simultaneously. (You can jump to Step 5 below.)

Third Step: (Optional) Connect with Google Partners

On the off chance that you need to connect your individual account with your organization for credit toward Google Partners and other related advantages, you should update your profile.

Tap on the symbol of your photo or starting in the upper right corner, at that point on “My Profile”.

Google Partners Profile

This procedure requires completion of your profile data that approves and associates you with your organization.

You should give an organization email that coordinates the email area of the organization associated by the head of your Google Partners account.

Google will expect you to make a fast email check verification in the wake of finishing the profile refresh page.

For help getting associated or confirmed in this progression, you’ll need to contact that individual in your organization.

This two-step process requires the contribution of profile data and afterward the approval of a Google Partners administrator with your company.

Fourth Step: Get ready for Exams

Google gives both essential instructive information and their increasingly broad foundation content.

You can discover the majority of the preparation content and also the evaluations themselves in the “Google Ads” tab from the Academy for Ads landing page dashboard.

Get Ready For the Fundamentals Exam

The example questions are very useful – they are written in the same format as they show up on the actual tests.

Except if you have recently been certified – don’t avoid the preparation content!

Fifth Step: Pass Google Ads Fundamentals Exam + One Additional Exam

Need to pass the Google Ads fundamentals exam and one of the additional exams (Your choice) to become certified.

The additional assessments are:

For example: To get the Google Ads Search certification, you’ll need to:

Concentrate on the Google Ads Fundamentals test and get ready likewise as that test is required for certification and you should pass it.

Google Ads Fundamentals Certificate

If you pass Google Ads Fundamentals test and fail one of the secondary exams then you can you can take it again after 1 day and the test validity period 12 Months.

You can watch and read all the course but is not enough. Get our Google Ads Fundamentals Exams Study Guides and Answers and pass the exam by using this guide.